Hi there!

I’m Odette Jansen. I love creating flows that users can get on board with, that are effortless and fun to engage with, and give the users the things they didn’t think they needed.

Currently, I am a mentor and curriculum development lead at Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Groningen, the Netherlands) where I teach courses in UX & Game design, and 21st-century skills. Additionally, I work as a freelance UX designer and researcher.

I have a Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design (BSc) and a Masters’s in Talent Development (MEd).

What I’m passionate about:

  • Improving lives; I love it when design can make lives better for both the user and the stakeholders of a project.
  • E-learning:  I believe one never stops learning in life and good UX helps users learn new skills, knowledge or behaviors.
  • Flowcharts; People who have worked with me know about my obsession passion for flowcharts and how they can improve the work- and development flow