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Hi, my name is Odette

I’m a UX researcher and designer focusing on creating user experiences for web, mobile, and games. I’m passionate about applying behavioral psychology and research for a science-backed approach.

PortfolioAbout Me


Gaming to teach social skills in adolescents with ASD

A Tabletop Role Playing Game, designed to support the development of social skills amongst students with autism spectrum disorder.

New online shopping experience for Kwantum

Shopping for window decoration can be difficult and tedious, with measuring, going to the store, hoping you did it right. With the new user experience design, ordering your window decoration on has increased engagement by 25%.

I know Odette as a hard-working individual who uses her personal experiences and is always willing to look for an evidence-based theory that supports those experiences or can place them in a broader context. Odette is pleasant to deal with and she communicates in a clear way.

Nick LumatalaleSenior Lecturer Hanze UAS


UX Research

I combine user and content research to gain insights into the problem, create fitting and proven design requirements, and come up with innovative solutions.

UX Design

I translate design requirements into concepts which I then turn into flowcharts, wireframes, prototypes and style guides ready for development.

Project Management

I guide the development process from the perspective of the design, needs, and wants of the client and stakeholders.  I bring teams together, organize workshops, and can implement agile methodologies to streamline development.